Long Cardigan to Crop Cardigan Set Refashion

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

 I don’t really wear long cardigans anymore, but I loved the soft pink color of this one, so I wanted to create something I would love and actually wear. I actually have a crop cardigan and tank top set that I love, which inspired me to create my own. I thought this long cardigan was the perfect piece to refashion to achieve the look I wanted. 

This cropped knit cardigan quickly turned into one of my favorite pieces from my closet. It adds the perfect coquette touch to any outfit, especially with the pink velvet ribbon bows I added to the pockets.   wear a camisole underneath the crop tank top, since it is super cropped. If I had a cardigan a size or two bigger, I probably could've gotten a slightly longer tank. I didn't want the actual cropped cardigan sweater to fit too loose though.

The tutorial for this is in the video below (or my YouTube channel!)

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